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Migraine and cervical are two separate terms related to medical conditions. Let me explain each one to you:
Migraine: Migraine is a neurological disorder characterized by recurring moderate to severe headaches, often accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, and visual disturbances. Migraine headaches are usually pulsating or throbbing in nature and can last for hours to days. Some individuals may experience an "aura" before the onset of the headache, which can involve visual disturbances, tingling sensations, or difficulty speaking. Migraines can significantly impact a persons quality of life and may require medical treatment for relief.
Cervical: The term "cervical" refers to the cervical spine or the neck region of the spine. It consists of seven vertebrae (C1-C7) and provides support to the head while allowing for mobility and flexibility. Cervical-related conditions typically involve the neck and its associated structures. Common cervical issues include cervical spine disorders, such as cervical spondylosis (degenerative changes in the spine), cervical radiculopathy (nerve compression in the neck), cervical disc herniation (ruptured disc in the neck), or cervical strain (neck muscle strain). These conditions can cause pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, and sometimes radiating symptoms into the arms or shoulders.

Sleep anxiety is fear or worry about going to sleep. You may be apprehensive about not falling asleep or not being able to stay asleep. Some people also have a distinct phobia, or fear, about sleep called somniphobia. They may think something bad will happen to them while they sleep, or that they shouldn’t sleep because they need to stay alert and watchful.

Sleep anxiety can affect adults, teens and children. You may be more likely to develop anxiety at night if you have a sleep disorder such as:

Restless legs syndrome (RLS).
Sleep apnea.
People with the following mental health disorders may also develop nighttime anxiety:

Anxiety disorders.
Bipolar disorder.
Drug addictions or alcoholism.
Panic disorder.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When you can’t sleep due to anxiety, you may experience behavioral changes, including:

.Feelings of being     overwhelmed.
.Inability to concentrate.
.Sense of impending .
.danger or doom.

Physical effects of anxiety before bed may include:
.Digestive problems.
.Fast heart rate.
.Rapid breathing.
.Tense muscles.

Some common ways to improve your sleep hygiene include:

.Avoid drinking lots of fluids before bed, especially alcohol.
.Do relaxing activities before bed, such as meditation or listening to soft, peaceful music.
.Don’t consume caffeine in the late afternoon or evening.
.Don’t go to bed unless you feel sleepy.
.Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.
.If you don’t fall asleep within 20 minutes, get out of bed.
.Make sure your bedroom is comfortable, quiet and softly lit.
.Only use your bed for sleep . For example, avoid watching television or doing work in bed.
Set a goal of getting at least seven hours of sleep every night.
.Stop using electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
.Try not to eat right before bedtime. If you’re hungry, have a light snack and not a big meal.




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Key ingredients

Till Tail + Cow Ghee + Ananthamoola + Curcuma Longa + Kala Till + Sendha Namak + Bala

Nasya is a therapeutic Ayurvedic practice that involves administering herbal oils or medicated substances into the nostrils. It is primarily used for nasal lubrication, cleansing, and rejuvenation. While Nasya has been traditionally used to address various health conditions, including respiratory issues and sinus problems.
 Nasya, a treatment method in Ayurveda, involves administering herbal oils or medicated substances through the nasal passages. It is believed to be beneficial for various health conditions, including migraine. Nasya chikitsa aims to balance the doshas (energies) in the body, particularly Vata dosha, which is often associated with migraines.
In the context of anxiety and depression, Nasya therapy can help alleviate symptoms by calming the nervous system and promoting mental clarity. The specific herbs, cowghee and oils used in the procedure Here a good research base formula that help to cure anxiety and depression. It has proven results in insomnia also that make you cool and calm while sleeping.

How to use - Apply 1-2 drops in each nostril & also Apply 1-2 droops in Navel(Nabhi) in morning & evening or As Directed By the Physician


15 ML Drop MRP = 600/-


  • First ever product in the history with so many benefit to keep the body healthy.
  • Amazing rescue to the problems of pituitary gland.
  • Complete remedy for anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. Make you feel cool and calm within few application
  • Exclusive product for women related problems hormonal imbalance, PCOD, menopausal problems and white discharge.

  • Controls hormonal disorder in the body.

  • This nesal drop helps in fighting joint pain,cervical pain & any type of accidental pain, liver problem, diabetes, thyroid, weight management, arthritis, uric acid, digestive problems, eyes problems etc.

  • Main function is stimulate  pituitary gland and its function that help to maintain all Endocrine system as well Exocrine glands.

  • Its very much helpful in solving problems like Asthma , sinuses , Migraine , Parkinson , Paralysis , all Hormonal disorder , Memory loss , Brain growth nervous system & many more.











  • Till Tail
  • Cow Ghee
  • Ananthamoola
  • Curcuma Longa
  • Kala Till
  • Sendha Namak
  • Bala

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