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Intimate health affects all women, but the subject is still not being raised enough. Always remember you are not alone, and your intimate health isn’t something you should feel embarrassed about.
Most organal conditions such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis (BV) are easy to resolve and can cause discomfort if left untreated. That’s why it’s always best to take special care of your intimate parts and seek medical advice whenever you feel something isn’t right.
Infections can start with itching between your legs or an unusual, often smelly discharge. If you notice these symptoms, remember it’s never a good idea to keep quiet about it and hope it will just go away. Don’t stress as these conditions are common and usually easily treatable.

Things to remember if you want to avoid organal infections include:

.Wipe from front to back after going to the toilet to prevent bacteria from the anus from being moved to the organ.

Remove wet clothes, for example swimsuits or workout gear straight after finishing exercising.

Avoid organal douching which might remove some of the good bacteria.

Avoid using hot tubs and taking very hot baths.


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Key ingredients

Banyan Tree + Pipal + Gular + Majuphala + Cowhage (Gonch Beej) + Neem + Jaiphal + Alum (Phitkari)


Re-Gain a future product is at present available. Over time - with the condition and health of our young people has started to work seriously. Women’s are also in the race seriously. Effect of age and pregnancy cannot be stopped in size. Their concern is vaginal laxity. Re-Gain their solution to this problem. The easing of the vulva as an amazing way within twenty minutes away from this, and the state takes approximately two to three hours. A relationship of married life makes it very sweet. Because of its use you feel wedding moments of time become alive again, the sensation you feel the same way. This effect is at 15-20 minutes. So it is advisable to re - gain its effect lasts for 1-2 hours after applying. 

How to use - Apply 5-7 drops one & half inch inside the vaginal track or as directed by physician.

[15 ML Drop MRP = 600]



  • Feel like young again in first application.
  • Eliminate vaginal dryness again provides natural moisture.
  • Vagina brings strength and tightness, Pleasant because of which provides.
  • Helps prevent excessive secretion of the vulva.
  • Vagina swelling and helps eliminate irritation.
  • Keeps the vagina healthy and prevents contamination.
  • Keeps unpleasant odors.
  • From Harmful bacteria and fungus protects the vagina.
  • Bringing tighten in internal muscles and reduce the risks of growing old.
  • Young re-creates internal tissues of the vagina.
  • Helps to healthy living.
  • It offers new experience puberty.
  • White Blennelytria of the vagina (leucorrhoea) excessive secretion is also beneficial to
  • It helps to relieve inflammation of the vagina.
  • It can tightens the  female organ instantly & gives you grate pleasure.
  • It rejuvenate the tissues of inner wall & maintain your feelings.
  • Regular uses of woman care can help you to Re-shape the  female organ.
  • Its completely aayurvedic preparation for regular & long use with no side effects.
  • It can prevent your female organ from bacteria & miner infections also.
  • Its proven to be the prime need of every women.
  • Help to prevent bacteria and minner infections.
  • Also helpful in Uterine prolapse.
  • Regular uses of woman care keep organ healthy and gives you better performance with better drive



  • Banyan Tree

  • Pipal

  • Gular

  • Majuphala

  • Cowhage (Gonch Beej)

  • Neem

  • Jaiphal

  • Alum (Phitkari)

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